English for Meetings and inernational discussions – Englisch für internationale Besprechungen

This course is developed to help expand language and competency in successfully participating in international meetings and discussions within a business setting. Guided by a native speaker to assist in strengthening your personal and professional skills in a usefull manner through the practice of the Englich for business language. The course is designed to build more confidence in speaking in a business meeting environment.
About six/seven years knowledge of English is required.

Vorkenntnisse: ca. 6-7 Jahre Englisch

Sie können einen Einstufungstest anfordern.

Tageskurs oder Wochenende

Mo/Di oder Do/Fr, 9.00-16.00 Uhr • 2×8 UStd.
Kurs 11522 • 21./22. Februar 2022 • 190 €
Kurs 11622 • 13./14. Juni 2022 • 190 €
Kurs 11722 • 06./07. Oktober 2022 • 190 €
Karen Mc Kernan

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